Re-Launch of Working Group Meetings

The first half of 2020 saw the re-launch of the SWPN thematic working groups.  Aimed at providing our partners with an opportunity for meaningful collaboration the working groups, which are open to all members, continue despite the lockdown using digital platforms.

The key focus areas are addressed through four working groups, listed below, with skills development being a cross-cutting theme addressed across all WG’s and projects.

Participation in the working groups provides a platform to:

  • Identify a pipeline of potential projects for each focus area and determine the collective potential to close the water gap should implementation of the project take place
  • Develop joint public-private and civil society collaboration to structure and take forward pilot projects
  • Identify good practices in collective action and challenges for the replication of state-of-art solutions.
  • Recommend strategies to overcome challenges including incentives for stakeholder involvement