Thematic Working Group Meetings Resume in 2020


ince our last working group meetings, we have been working to implement the new SWPN strategy to ensure that we are able to offer you, our valued stakeholder the best value and a sustained long-term approach to the SWPN.

Accordingly, we have proposed the following restructuring of the thematic working groups, which will resume their regular meetings in the new year.

  • The Agricultural Supply Chain (ASC), Effluent and Wastewater Management (EWWM) and Water Efficiency and Leakage Reduction (WELR) working groups will continue in their current format.
  • The Sanitation (SANI) working group will merge with the Effluent Wastewater Management (EWWM) working group.
  • The Skills Development and Transformation (SDT) group will fall away based on the recognition that skills and transformation is a cross-cutting focus area applicable to all working groups and there is simply not sufficient resources to maintain all the working groups, particularly where duplication of effort can arise.
  • The Water Stewardship (WS) working group will be relaunched.

For more information and if you would like to participate in any of the working groups, please contact