Agricultural Supply Chain (ASC)


he agricultural sector’s contribution to South Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP), employment and food security is of national importance with the primary agricultural sector contributing about 3 percent to GDP and representing 7 percent of formal employment. The entire agriculture value chain contributes 12 percent to the GDP.

Agricultural water demand, at 61 percent of all water use in the country, is the largest water user with irrigation use dominating demand. The available water cannot meet the demand under current water use practices and operating conditions in all water use sectors. It is therefore imperative that the available water supplies are used efficiently and effectively to avoid supply shortages and intermittent water supplies. The sector aims to optimise beneficial use of water-the water intend to grow crops and produce food and fibre.

Water is life:
use it responsibly

Mr Felix Reinders

Chair of the Agricultural Supply Chain Working Group

Agricultural Supply Chain (ASC) Working group

The working group recognises both the importance of agriculture to the economy as well as the impact that water losses have on the economy. As a result, the group has identified projects that contribute directly to closing the water gap.

The primary focus of the working group is to

drive water use efficiency in irrigation by developing mechanisms to address ageing and inefficient water infrastructure.

capacitate small and emerging farmers to:

  • Effectively adapt to climate change
  • Improve farm efficiency
  • Identify and implementation legislation
  • Improve water use efficiency
  • Illegal water use reduced
  • Understand water usage at farm level
The objectives are

Support mapping / understand of agricultural water use and unaccounted water loss in a “determined” agricultural area of relevance to supply chain (e.g. Vaalharts) as a demo/pilot

Sharing information and best practices through our Networks

Influencing policy by commenting on green and white papers

Government to address supply chain development

The development of perspective of the value of water use in agriculture and economic value of agricultural water


WAS Administration System (WAS) – Phases 1, 2 and 3

WAS Evaluation

Vaalharts Funding and Investment Plan


If you would like to participate in the working group please email us on the link below